Format USB through DOS or Command Promote

Many times people ask this question "I can't format my USB or Flash Drive in Windows, how to I format my USB or 16 GB USB or 32 GB USB or Virus Defected USB or Flash Memory or Memory Card or SD Card in MS DOS or DOS"
If you are finding this question answer, then you come on correct post.
Now follow these step to Format USB in Command Promote, its very simple.
Step 1: Insert your USB or Flash Memory in computer.
Step 2: Double click on My Computer icon at Desktop.
Step 3: Note the USB or Removable Disk Portion name and Letter (i.e Removable Dis (D)).

Step 4: Click on Start menu button > Run and type "cmd" press Enter keyboard button.
Step 5: Now you see a black window called DOS Promote / Command Promote.
Step 6: Type this "format H:" and press Enter keyboard key. H is your USB driver name latter, it depend upon your computer.
Step 7: When you press Enter key, computer ask you question in yes or no (Y/N), you must type Y and press Enter key.

Now Format process is start and percentage increase continually, when it become to 100%, it mean your USB drive completely formatted.
For more detail watch this YouTube video.

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