How to reset Windows XP password with USB

 It is big issue for Windows XP users, mostly I got these complains from my friends. There are two methods to reset your windows xp password.

Method 1:

Restart your computer and press F8 function key counties and then run Windows XP in safe mode. After that, you see two users’ accounts Administrator and your Login account. Click on Administrator, if your Administrator account have no password, then you can use your computer through Admin login and also change your login account password from control panel and if your Administrator login have password, then use 2nd method.
  windows xp password recovery tool

Method 2:

Use Window XP Password recovery tool and reset you Window XP Administrator password. Watch the below video and learn how to use Windows XP Password Recovery Tool, this is free no coat. For this software you need USB to boot your computer with USB device.

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