PTA Advertises Consultancy Requirements for 3G Auction

As directed by Prime Minister of Pakistan, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority today advertised the RFP (Request for Proposal) for the consultancy services of 3G spectrum auction.
Just to recall, PTA had initially issued information memorandum for 3G auction, base prices for spectrum and the date for bidding without hiring a consultant. But it eventually advertised the hiring of consultant, amid pressure from government to follow PPRA rules for public procurement such as 3G, but the auction process was sabotaged till then due to criticism from opposition parties.
Later it was demanded to revamp the 3G policy and to revise the whole IM based on input from consultant.
It is now that PTA has advertised the requirement of a consultancy firm (ad for which is produced below), which is likely to help the authority in developing the IM from scratch. Consultant firm will assist PTA in all steps of auction including marketing, valuation, process design and maintaining transparency to best benefit the government of Pakistan.
Advertisement is produced below for our readers’ information:
08 04 thumb PTA Advertises Consultancy Requirements for 3G Auction

Source: ProPakistan
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