Pakistani Engineer Agha Waqar receiving threats after his invention

Engineer, Agha Waqar while talking to media said, that after his great achievement of inventing water-kit to run vehicles, receiving threats from Mafia. No step has yet been taken by the government of Pakistan regarding security arrangements. He also said that he has been awarded with great pride and respect by British including Singapore but it is sad that there was no response given to him by the government of Pakistan.
Few days ago, a Pakistani Engineer, Agha Waqar claimed to invent water-kit to run vehicles fueled by water leaving the world shocked. During a discussion on a live TV show, Engineer Agha Waqar gave the opinion that vehicles could be driven by a system fueled by distilled water instead of petrol. He claimed that a vehicle will consume one-litre water for 40 kilometers while a one-KV generator could produce electrcity for two hours by one-litre of water.
However, during a demonstration on live TV show, Agha Waqar Ahmed drove his car using water as a fuel.  Agha Waqar Ahmed is the first who took initiative for introducing this technology in Pakistan but some TV channels are claiming that something the world already saw decades ago has been invented by Pakistan in 2012.
Minister for religious Affair Syed Khurshid Ahmad Shah, who heads the cabinet committee, said the Ministry of Science and Technology will fully support the Sukkur-based engineer. “The ministry and the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) will study the feasibility of the project as soon as possible”. He added.
The Minister said they would provide complete security to Engineer, Agha Waqar Ahmed, adding that the formula will also be kept in secret.

Source AAJ
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TRUTH: Pakistani Water Car invented by Agha Waqar & his team is indeed the greatest invention of mankind history: A Nation that has one of the most creative brains in the world has finally won.


Any wise person can understand at the spot that it is despicable crime to declare Agha Waqar a fraud with out finding physically any fraud in car that he has already demonstrated in front of top journalists politicians and many Ph.D's. Some theoretical Ph.D's has launched hate campaign against the greatest inventor of mankind history Agha Waqar. All objections of these some IRRESPONSIBLE Ph.D's do not carry any weight and sense. They WRONGLY claim, this invention violates laws of science; in fact it does not. The reason of their totally absurd claims is their jealousy against inventor & their inability to understand that new invention. Sometime they say, Agha is not engineer, so he cannot invent. But Edison the biggest inventor of history was too neither Ph.D nor even B.Engg. Ata Rehman & Hoodbhoy are driving in wrong direction on one way road. Their all hue & cry is, that car cannot be run on electrolysis with battery but they do not know that method of Agha is ABSOLUTELY not conventional Electrolysis. When they will know his method, they will not sleep for many nights.

Congrats bro Anonymous you got PERTAMAX...! hehehehe...