Add Google Search Box in your Blogger blog

By adding Google Custom Search Box to Blogger (blogspot) Blog gives opportunity to the visitor to search your blog by using the best search technology on the internet. It is always recommended to improve your blog navigation by adding the categories to your blog , adding page navigation to blog, add monthly archive etc but the search field make it easy for the visitor to search the blog for anything he like to search.

As the Blogger belongs to Google so Google custom search engine can be added to the Blogger blog by simply adding the Search Box Gadget. The Gadget is available in the Basic Gadgets in Blogger.

Google Search Box Gadgets have following options

Title : It will add the title for the Search Box.You can add the title of your choice.

This Blog : It will allow to show the search result from within your blog. As it is given there it is powered by Google Blog Search which means it will show the result already indexed in Google Blog search. So make sure that your Blogger blog is already in Google index. If not then submit sitemap to Google.

Linked from here : If you select this option when any one will use the search box it will also create a Tab “ Linked from here” in the search results. Which will show the WebPages linked from your blog posts and containing the search term.

The Web: As clear from the name it will create the tab “The Web” which will show the search results from the web search.

Add the Google Search Box gadget in Blogger (blogspot) and select the options of your choice. I will recommend to check only This Blog as the other options can allow visitor to leave your page and go to other pages.

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