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The good: The LG Lucid has a slick design, swift data speeds, and a zippy processor. Its camera's photo and video recording quality is also impressive.
The bad: The Lucid comes equipped with way too much bloatware, and its speaker is subpar. Also, considering its release date, we're disappointed that it doesn't run on Ice Cream Sandwich.
The bottom line: Though it's stuck on Gingerbread, the Lucid's great camera, snappy performance, and cheap price tag make it a solid choice for a budget 4G Android phone.
It's quite possible that the LG Lucid slipped under your radar.
And when you take an initial look, you can see why. It doesn't run the up-to-date Ice Cream Sandwich version of the Android OS (although it can be upgraded to it later), so no news there. And it doesn't have any features we haven't seen before. What it does have going for it, however, is a solid performance on most counts. Running on Verizon's 4G LTE network and with a 1.2GHz dual-core processor, the handset brings more than a bit of power. Although ... Expand full review
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