Samsung WB150F (Black)

The good: The Samsung WB150F has built-in Wi-Fi that's easily set up for wireless sharing and backup. It has an abundant set of shooting and editing options.
The bad: Samsung's smartphone apps are only guaranteed to work with Samsung Galaxy devices and its autobackup software is Windows-only. The camera's photo quality is barely better than a smartphone's and its shooting performance is somewhat slow.
The bottom line: If you're happy with the photos from your smartphone, but wish you had an actual camera with a long zoom lens and wireless sharing and backup, check out the Samsung WB150F.
While camera manufacturers like Sony, Panasonic, and Canon are dabbling in Wi-Fi cameras, Samsung's really invested in the concept for 2012, offering four cameras with a big helping of wireless functionality. Included in those models is the WB150F compact megazoom.
The camera's built-in 802.11n wireless can be used to connect to your Wi-Fi network for automatic backups to a Windows computer or Microsoft SkyDrive, viewing photos and movie clips on DLNA-equipped devices, or sending them by e-mail; to connect to other Samsung Wi-Fi cameras for direct sharing between cameras; to connect to hot spots or wirelessly tether ... Expand full review
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