Top 10 Tech This Week [PICS]

1. Batmobile Replica
If you remember the original Batman series, this 1966 Batmobile will look familiar to you. This roadworthy replica is as close as you can get to the real thing, with a Batphone inside, a "Detect-a-Scope" radar screen, and there's even a working rocket exhaust flamethrower.
There's a burly BatEngine under the hood, cranking out 280 horses that'll take you from 0 to 60 in 5 BatSeconds. You can actually buy the thing at a price of somewhere north of $150,000.
[via Technabob]

2. Space Tables of the Future
Behold, the curvaceous, undulating desktop of the future. The Volna Table is a vision of Turkish design studio Nuvist, a daring vision without a price tag attached.
It's certainly an office accessory that would be right at home in the 24th century, but will people be using iMacs that far into the future?
[via Yanko Design]

3. Comet Lovejoy Spotted From ISS
Hanging around the International Space Station must be the most fun you can possibly have with your clothes on, and Expedition 30 Commander Dan Burbank made the most of his spectacular abode this week when he snapped this lovely shot of Comet Lovejoy.
Take a look at the comet in all its glory, captured in a nighttime image with its tail facing away from the sun and its head right near the Earth's horizon. Magnificent.
[via DVICE]

4. Super Bowl Streaming Live for First Time
It used to be whenever I would explain to someone the weakness of streaming video, I would only need to utter two words: Super Bowl. I can't say that any more, though, because the next Super Bowl will be streamed live over the Internet and to mobile devices.
Is there any reason at all to keep paying that cable company $100 a month?

5. Future Dollars
This isn't an official version of future U.S. currency, but the vivid imagination of artist Dowling Duncan shows you what might be possible someday. In his inventive currency design, each bill is sized according to its domination, and each number depicts significant events in the history of the United States.
For instance, the $10 bill celebrates the 10 amendments of the Bill of Rights, the $20 bill is a collage of 20th-century America, the 50 refers to the fifty United States, and the 100 signifies the first 100 days of presidency of Franklin D Roosevelt.
[via Web Urbanist]

6. Real Racing 2 with iPhone Steering
Now one of the best driving games for iPhone and iPad is even better. The OS X version will let you use your iPhone or iPad as a steering wheel.
The $12.99 game for OS X is available now, and the iOS version is now a mere $.99, down from $2.99. Better yet, there's a new Android version that's free.
[via Ubergizmo]

7. EOS Innovation Telepresence Robot
Telepresence robots continue to be refined, and this E-One has longer battery life and is much lighter than any other. There are two high-rez cameras on board, a projector, infrared sensors so it can maneuver around, and it all fits into a relatively light 22-pound package.
Its 2-foot height won't give it a commanding presence, but set it on a table and you'll be able to attend a meeting from thousands of miles away while your colleagues look at your face on a video screen embedded in the robot's head. Sure beats eight hours' worth of airline flights just to go to one meeting.
[via Plastic Pals]

8. Cartier Skeleton (Grand Complication) Pocket Watch
Here's a pocket watch that's endowed with a unique see-through design. There will only be 10 of the Cartier Skeleton Pocket Watch ever built, and 5 will be festooned with diamonds. Don't look for any electrical doodads on this one -- it's all mechanical, but it has a chronograph movement, so expect it to be accurate as the day is long.
How much? This is one of those baubles that's so expensive, if you have to ask, you probably can't afford it.
[via The Fancy]

9. LG 27-inch 3D Monitor
The Consumer Electronics Show is just around the corner, and LG tipped its hand a bit with its DM92 monitor.
It's a 3D monitor, but that's not what caught our eye -- check out that 1mm-wide bezel on the top and sides of the display, about as thin as you can get without disappearing entirely.
To be rolled out next month at CES, LG says it'll be available in February, motorcyclist popping out of the display not included.
[via The Verge]

10. Louis C.K. Makes a Million
The hilarious Louis C.K. is rolling in the dough after his self-made "Live at the Beacon Theater" comedy performance that he streamed for $5 to anyone with an Internet connection. So far, he's collected $1 million from the effort, and plans to give most of the money away.
On his website, C.K. says "I've never had a million dollars all of a sudden. And since we're all sharing this experience and since it's really your money, I wanted to let you know what I'm doing with it." He said $250,000 of the money will pay back what the show and website cost to create, he'll give another $250K to his staff as a "big fat bonus," $280K will go to charity, and he'll pay himself $220K.
Why didn't he keep all the profits? Says C.K., "To me, $220K is enough out of a million." So one man proves streaming video is the future, and he's handsomely rewarded for his vision -- and gives most of it away. He has our utmost respect.

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