Hands On With Spotify’s New App Platform

What's New
The newly designed "What's New" screen features new albums and trending playlists and tracks from Spotify friends.

Spotify Apps
A new "apps" designation is in the sidebar. The App Finder acts as an app store of sorts.

App Listings
The Spotify Platform is only launching with a dozen apps but more are expected to appear shortly.

Spotify has long allowed users to scrobble their Spotify listening to their Last.fm accounts. Now, the integration goes even further with suggestions and customized playlists.

Last.fm: Now Playing
The "Now Playing" section of the Last.fm app allows users to get more information about a track or band.

Last.fm: Auto-playlists
By clicking "Similar Tracks Playlist," Last.fm will generate a playlist of similar tracks of music available to listen to or subscribe to within Spotify.

The Guardian
The Guardian staffers offer up their reviews for the latest albums. Users can read reviews and then listen to albums instantly.

Pitchfork has integrated its album reviews and playlists into Spotify.

Pitchfork: Playlists
Users can subscribe to curated Pitchfork playlists within the app. These playlists are then visible and accessible from Spotify on other devices too.

Rolling Stone
The Rolling Stone app includes album reviews (all three stars or higher), editors picks and more.

Rolling Stone: Editors Picks
Rolling Stone already creates frequent Spotify playlists. The plan is to create and update playlists even more frequently, thanks to the new platform.

Rolling Stone: Reviews
Users can read full album reviews for newly released albums and then listen to those albums on the fly.

TuneWiki is a lyrical database that shows lyrics in real-time alongside songs as they play.

We Are Hunted
We Are Hunted is a music discovery network that lets users create playlists out of newly discovered and more established indie bands.

Fuse creates custom playlists around news headlines each day.

Moodagent purportedly creates playlists based on mood or track tempo. In our tests, however, the app really didn't work.

Users can create "drops" of playlists via Soundrop and then share those drops with friends. It also integrates with Facebook for easy sharing.

Songkick offers up a calendar of when bands in your library are going to be touring near you. Users are redirected to the Soundkick website which offers multiple ticket vendors and other information.

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