Top 10 Tech This Week [PICS]

1. Hypersonic Weapon Flies at Mach 20
Look out, evildoers, because here comes the Advanced Hypersonic Weapon (AHW), a super-smart bomb that could be opening up a can of whoopass on you. It flies many times faster than a speeding bullet, and is certainly more powerful than a locomotive. Its blazing speed of Mach 20 will let it deliver a non-nuclear warhead anywhere on the planet faster than Domino's used to brag about how quickly it could deliver a pizza -- 30 minutes or less (or your bombs will be free?). [via DVICE]

2. World's Lightest Material
Check out this metallic material that's so light it can rest itself on the top of the most delicate dandelion. It's the world's lightest -- 100 times lighter than Styrofoam. Its slender nickel-phosphorus tubes are 1,000 times thinner than a human hair, but because they're arranged in a certain asterisk-like pattern, the resulting lattice is enormously strong and can absorb tremendous amount of energy. So far, the material's unique combination of flexibility and strength might be used for battery electrodes and applications that require shock energy damping. Could there be other, more sinister uses for such substances in the future? [via Gizmag]

3. Sting to Release Album as iPad App, Could Be a Trend
Bassist and singer-songwriter Sting might be onto something with his latest album, which will be released not as digital files, but as a complete iPad app. The singer's new Sting 25 app celebrating his storied 25-year career will be a comprehensive package of photos, lyrics, interviews and concert footage, and of course, the music itself. This is Sting's idea of what comes next after the CD, and he says "I'm looking for different ways get music to people … and the app is the new model." And, iPad apps are harder to steal. Could this be a trend? It's a big move he's making -- we'll be watching you, Sting.

4. WD TV Live Adds Yet Another Video Source
We were already fond of the WD TV Live streaming HD video box, with its friendly playback of all kinds of video file types as well as Netflix and a lot more. Now, it adds Vimeo and Playjam support, and is hip to music streaming service Spotify, too. What do all these brand names mean? They can combine to bring you enough music and video content to perhaps lure you into cutting that expensive pay-cable cord. The price is right, too -- the WD TV Live streamer is reasonably-priced at around $75.

5. Autonomous Travel Pod
This design concept is an attractive transportation pod that could someday take you wherever you want to go with no effort on your part. It'll be smart enough to sense its surroundings and act on its own, at the same time coordinating itself with other autonomous pods. And there you'll sit, reading your digital tablet as you enjoy your accident-free ride from here to there without a care. [via Yanko Design]

6. New Battery Tech Could Last 10x Longer, Charge 10x Faster
Could battery technology finally have reached a breakthrough? Northwestern University researchers say they've constructed a novel battery design out of silicon graphine sheets with special nano-sized holes in them that allows the batteries to charge 10 times faster. On top of that, they've created a lithium-ion electrode that will last 10 times longer than today's batteries. The tech's not perfect yet, but the researchers hope to bring it to market "in the next three to five years."

7. Phosphor Swipe Watch Has a New Touchscreen
We've tried out these Phosphor E-Ink watches before, and were impressed with their futuristic good looks and reliable timekeeping. Now there's a new model called Swipe, offering "buttonless touch lens" operation that lets you swipe from one time zone to the next until you've swiped your way around the planet, encompassing all 24 time zones. You change its multiple modes in the same way. This one's nice and thin, measuring a mere 9.3mm thick. Available in three attractive colors, it's not as expensive as it looks at $79.

8. Samsung Galaxy Nexus: Best Android Phone Yet
A remarkable new Android phone is about to roll out across the world, and we got our hands on one for review. It's the first device to ship with the groundbreaking Android 4.0 operating system, affectionately known as Ice Cream Sandwich. We found it a lot easier to use than its Android predecessors, and its slim curved case and huge super-sharp screen was among the best we've seen. Take a look at our Galaxy Nexus review for details.

9. Volt-Like Electro-Cadillac Due in 2014?
As the Chevy Volt electric car hits the streets, rumor has it that GM is not just waiting around waiting for lightning to strike -- inside sources are saying the company is readying an upscale version of the Volt called the Cadillac Converj. Taking the stage at the 2011 LA Auto Show was a concept car that's reportedly been greenlighted for production in 2014. We're thinking GM will be carefully watching how the Volt sells before cranking out thousands of these electro-Caddies, but we can dream, can't we?

10. Look out, Here Come 50 UltraBooks
As the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) gets ever closer to its annual early January debut, we're hearing rumblings of numerous "ultrabooks" about to be unleashed on an unsuspecting public. What the heck is an ultrabook, anyway? It's described (by Intel) as a sub-3.1 lb, $1000ish laptop like the MacBook Air, packing Intel processors, maxing out at a super-slim 0.71 inches at its thickest point, flash drive-equipped and fast-starting with 5+ hours of battery life. The shocking part of all this? The Consumer Electronics Association says we'll be seeing 30 to 50 of these ultrabooks at the big show in January. We'll be there to cover CES, and we'll keep an eye on these razor-thin laptops for you.
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