Facebook Unveils Its Most Shared Stories of 2011

This Mar. 15 New York Times interactive graphic compares satellite images of the damages of the Japan earthquake and tsunami.

This Sep. 6 CNN story reveals that many teachers leave teaching because of their interactions with parents.

This Jan. 13 CNN story addresses the scare earlier this year that the Zodiac signs had changed.

This CNN column addresses the phenomenon of young girls dressing too sexy.

This Nov. 1 video of a non-traditional take on the father-daughter wedding dance went viral through Yahoo.

This Aug. 25 Yahoo story highlights a dog mourning the death of his owner, a Navy SEAL.

Mashable founder Pete Cashmore's Sep. 27 CNN column explains how people will react to the new Facebook Timeline.

This Mar. 16 Yahoo story shows video footage of a dog refusing to leave his ailing friend behind following the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

This Sep. 5 Yahoo story describes why villagers and hunters in the Philippines captured a crocodile for eco-tourism.

The Huffington Post's coverage of the new Zodiac sign Ophiuchus on Jan. 13 made the list at number 10.

Yahoo's May 24 story explains baby Storm's parents' decision not to share his or her identity.

This June 22 Huffington Post column argues that we shouldn't teach girls that their looks are their most important characteristic.

Warren Buffet's Aug. 14 New York Times opinion piece says the rich ought to be taxed more.

Amy Chua's Jan. 8 Wall Street Journal column argues that Chinese mothers' stern parenting rears the best children.

This viral video, posted on Yahoo Mar. 30, shows two baby brothers chatting in a language only they can understand.

This June 21 Yahoo story explains why a man attempted to rob a bank of $1 in order to get medical attention.

This Feb. 13 Huffington Post piece explains the top six reasons women who'd like to be married remain single.

Steve Jobs's sister's eulogy for him was published Oct. 30 in the New York Times.

The Huffington Post's June 20 news story about the death of "Jackass" star Ryan Dunn made the list.

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