Britney Spears Is Google+’s Most-Followed User

Ahead of her early 30th birthday this week, Britney Spears has recently dethroned Google CEO Larry Page as Google+’s most-followed person.
Roughly 775,000 people follow the pop star’s Google+ account. In comparison, 15.4 million fans “Like” her Facebook page and 11.4 million followers monitor her Twitter activity.
Google+ was once dominated by techies and the usual early adopters but has been attracting big-name celebrities and brands, who regularly post and incite heavy engagement. Three of the top five most-circled users, for example, are Spears, Snoop Dogg and Tyra Banks, according to Social Statistics.
Rounding out the top five is Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who doesn’t have any public posts
The pattern of music makers accumulating large fan bases on social networks appears to steadily be spilling over into Google+. Twitter users helped Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and Spears secure the most followers on the popular microblogging site. Musicians on Facebook have experienced similar growth on their fan pages and recently on their personal pages thanks to Facebook’s Subscribe button. features a gigantic Google+ icon, which likely contributed to her building the service’s biggest following. Google unveiled Google+ as an invite-only beta social network in June, eventually opened it to the masses in September and now has north of 40 million users.
1. Brian Rose
We'd expect the Google+ photos community manager to know his way round the new service, but we still can't help be impressed with his clever and creative concept.

2. Felipe Apostol
Felipe Apostol's monotone collage is very effective.

3. Francois Bacconnet
Francois Bacconnet has a message for us -- written in appropriately Google-flavored colors.

4. Brenda Anderson
Brenda Anderson's lovely landscape offers a window on the world.

5. Michel Plungjan
There's more typographical-themed fun to be had from Michel Plungjan.

6. Dariusz Majgier
Dariusz Majgier's eyes make for a striking profile page.

7. Greg Schmigel
A street scene adds some urban chic to Greg Schmigel's profile page.

8. Leo G
Leo G's Irish landscape works well.

9. Mohd Sufian Othman
An jaunty angle and the two faces sharing the same box add interest to Mohd Sufian Othman's creation.

10. Roger Thornton Brown
Roger Thornton Brown has gone all Andy Warhol over on his profile page.

11. Joe Murphy
Photographer Joe Murphy's Iowa landscape offers a calm view with lovely light captured beautifully.

12. John Yates
John Yates levitates above his G+ profile.

13. Pepper Ferguson
Meanwhile, Pepper Ferguson wants to know how you are!

14. Matt Davis
A doodle makes Matt Davis' profile unique.

15. Dan Moyle
Dan Moyle also sticks with the typography theme with his creation.

16. Lynda Giddens
Lynda Gidden's close-up on her eyes offers an arresting overall first impression.

17. Matthew Stone
Matthew Stone has done some clever photo editing to neutralize the gaps between the photos.

18. Paul Spoerry
Neil Patrick Harris' famous quote brings the awesome to Paul Spoerry's profile.

19. Nicci Moon
Tech lover Nicci Moon adds media controls to her profile page.

20. Sara Mays
Sara Mays gets pretty with a floral selection.

21. Max Power
Uh-oh, Max Power's gone to the dark side.

22. Dan Hannon
Do we think Dan Hannon might be a sports fan?

23. Ben Hofstetter
Ben Hofstetter's effort is a little, er, corny.

24. Larson Sanderfer
There's more stadium action from Larson Sanderfer.

25. Mohamed M Jimale
Mohamed M Jimale gives us a silhouette in prayer against a beautiful sky.

26. Nicolas Chenet
Nicolas Chenet takes a playful approach to the photo windows.

27. Jessica Milanesa
Nyan Cat is the star of the show over at Jessica Milanesa's profile page.

28. Marin Treselj
Marin Treselj's cool symbols inform the viewer about his interests.

29. Cyril Bosselut
On first glance Cyril Bosselut's hack doesn't look too co-ordinated, but when you realize he has added photos in the Google Plus palette, you get it!

30. Phouthong Luong
One of our very favorite designs, Phouthong Luong's friendly cartoon avatar and clever use of the photo windows and gaps looks ace. And in case you were wondering, "Futchibow" is his artist name. Look him up!

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