Black Friday Shoppers Destroy WalMart Displays [VIDEO]

Black Friday sales hit a record high Friday — online sales rose 24.3%, but many shoppers opted to go to brick-and-mortar locations to spend their hard-earned cash. Judging from the YouTube clips that have emerged, that was probably not the best idea — videos of Black Friday mayhem at big box stores are going viral. Yesterday, we showed you shoppers fighting over a $2 waffle maker, and now we bring you footage from a WalMart in Mesquite, Texas. Shoppers are packed in the store and ripping what appear to be DVDs and/or video games from boxes and displays that read “$10 while supplies last” (literally). Some people — presumably employees — are shouting “Hey!” in a fruitless attempt to restore order, while others caught in the chaos are heard screaming and laughing as they’re jostled around by deal-hungry shoppers. The clip is titled “Black friday Walmart 11/24/11,” suggesting this incident occurred on Thanksgiving night, since many WalMarts opened early with Black Friday sales.
We can only imagine there are other videos yet to be posted online. Did you encounter havoc at Black Friday sales? Let us know in the comments below.
"And the waiting begins...." Standifer shares a photo of shoppers camping out to be sure of getting the best deals.

Christon says he "walked in and walked straight back out" of his local Wal-Mart, describing the scene as "CRAY!!!"

Urban Outfitters proves popular at Richmond's Short Pump Mall.

Mashable intern Erickson describes the size of the crowd queuing up for Best Buy as "nuts."

Saks Fifth Avenue saw a line around the block, and shoppers cramming in when the doors finally opened.

People have been queuing since 3am at Jacksonville's St Johns Town Center.

Just a "small gathering" line up to get through the checkouts in Oxford, Alabama's Wal-Mart.

Mashable's Manakul got her hand stepped on three times in Wal-Mart. This shot shows the crowd.

Hardy almost tripped over these sleeping shoppers. Apparently the lines were so long they gave up queuing for a much-needed nap.

On Portland reports "staggering crowds" at Clackamas town center.

According to Parker, there was "utter chaos" in California. It looks pretty hectic.

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