Battle Nations combines FarmVille with real-time strategy on iOS

Seeing how popular FarmVille has been, as well as freemium titles that have been influenced heavily on the game, the genre has been heavily adopted by female gamers as most men are off shooting things in Modern Warfare 3 or Battlefield 3 to care about their crops. But what if there was a game that brought together the addictiveness of micro-managing with the ability to shoot stuff up? Then you might want to check out Battle Nations.
Battle Nations is a new freemium game from developer Z2Live which I am calling “FarmVille for dudes.” One of the first things I was surprised is the game doesn’t just give you a village and throws challenges at you to complete. Instead, Battle Nations offers the player a story driven campaign that has you joining the Imperial Army as you fight your way through over 130 missions. Players will have to fight in strategic turn-based battlefields using troops you’ve trained to destroy enemy forces.
When your not shooting things, you’ll be taking charge of your base completing various mission objectives to earn experience, money, and resources. As you progress you’ll unlock more buildings, troops, and missions. You’ll also be able to invade your friends’ base to either attack their base, or you can help them repel an attack from enemies.
If you’re a fan of RTS games and have always been curious about getting into freemium titles like FarmVille, this definitely is the game you should be checking out. It’s certainly dude-friendly.
Battle Nations (FREE) – [iTunes Link]

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