Top 7 Mashable Comments This Week

One thing we love about the Mashable community is the quality comments we find on just about every article on the site.
That’s why we’re kicking off a new feature to showcase the most inspired responses to our stories.
Each week, we’ll select the top comments that have been posted on Mashable articles and display them in a roundup post. We hope to feature thoughtful comments that engage the community and drive more conversation as well as those that make us laugh.
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Netflix Advantages
CGregz added to the conversation by giving additional information relevant to the article. His comment drove others to express their opinions about Netflix and its recent changes.

Comment taken from "6 Great Alternatives to Netflix"

Additional Music Player Option
Andy Spinks suggested an additional music player as another option for organizing music.

Comment taken from "11 Apps and Services for Sharing, Discovering and Organizing Music"

Belly Flop Memories
Tim Dougherty shared a fun personal memory that connected to the article -- and made fellow commenters laugh.

Comment taken from "Google to Launch Music Download Service in 2 Weeks [REPORT]"

Klout Opinion
Jordan Munson gave a logical explanation of how Klout should be regarded. Others added to the conversation by commenting about the use of Klout and social influence.

Comment taken from "Klout Tweak May Affect Your Score"

Gamification and News Sites
Andy Ulery commented by agreeing with a gamification concept mentioned in the article. He supported his opinion with an example.

Comment taken from "How Gamification Can Make News Sites More Engaging"

Nokia's New Windows Phone
Lionel Faleiro shared how he thinks more apps should come to the new Windows phone. Other Windows phone fans added their opinions about app development, making it a great thread.

Comment taken from "Nokia Lumia 800 Could Be the Best Windows Phone Yet [HANDS-ON]"

BlackBerry's PlayBook
Raykutro added to the conversation by telling about his experience with the BlackBerry PlayBook. It was a strong opinion and he supported it with a solid explanation.

Comment taken from "BlackBerry Offers a Free PlayBook, If You Buy Two First"

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