PTA Website Gets Hacked and the Hacker Demanded to Ban on Porn Sites

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority website got hacked, moments ago. Website isn’t defaced, but a page is inserted into PTA website claiming that website has been hacked by the same group that hacked supreme court website a week ago.
Hacker, which names himself as Zombie_KSA, demands that PTA should ban all websites containing explicit material. Same hacker had defaced Supreme Court website a week ago with a similar message to Chief Justice of Pakistan.
Hacker has warned PTA to take measures with-in a week or to face further consequences.
It merits mentioning here that PTA, Minister of IT and Chief Justice of Pakistan was written a letter by a 9th grader few months ago. The kid had demanded the authorities to ban all websites that contain objectionable material.
We are in process of contacting PTA for the comment.
Here’s the hacked page:
Here’s the message that hacker posted on PTA website:
H4x0r3d By Pakbugs
The Notorious Zombie_Ksa is Back
You Must have Heard about me on, news, headlines, Gov. charges, blogs, blah blah
YES, I the Zombie_KSA fulfilled the promise i made on Supreme Court Site on 2011/09/27 yea ..Read it Again… I the Zombie_KSA kept My words… & Pakistan Telecommunication Authority got STAMPED by Zombie_Ksa.
m Just here tO tell the Chairman Dr. Mohammed Yaseen … “BTW l0l @ Dr” xD
Mr Chairman hello0 :D !! Sir Y0ur BiG HeAd g0t haCk3d ?
Ask y0urself Why Pakistan Telecommunication Authority is ViCtim of ZombiE_KsA ?
Well Let me KnOw Have you Read my message On Supreme Court Web ? !!
If y0u Miss3d then here u go… (keep reading this until you realize that u r Paid F0r
m here tO Tell this World that We are Pakistan ….Not Po*nistan… & Sir i need ur help.. Since u are powefull and i request you to take action to ban p*rn sites in Pakistan. Read it again I request you to BAN Po*nographic sites in PAKISTAN… PTA is paid … they dont give a damn about our complains… They can BAN Po*n sites… ANd if they dont then they are paid for?
Mr CJ m again requesting you to take somoto action against PTA. If you dont then i myself will… I will Roast PTA like I did with FIA… & If they cant or they wont then InshALLAH I will raise the 1337 gr33n flag high and ll Hack PTA like i hacked bef0re =) …
So Mr M.yaseen.. D0 W0t you have t0 Do….D0 Wot u Are Getting Paid f0r… If U can’t den Give up!!! We will Not let any one to play with this Country Any More…
Do BAN every PO*N Site in PAKISTAN in a Week Otherwise you Better know me What i Can Do !!!
We are L33t Pakistani H4x0rZ,
we are PAKbugs, We keep it real:
Greetz: b-h – nEt^DeVil And Agd_Scorp
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