The new iPhone voice control feature can find you prostitutes

iPhone Siri Voice control

Apple has recently launched iPhone 4s which has brought few interesting features including iPhone voice control orSiri voice control. This feature cannot only help you dial a number or send a text message, it can also find you a handful of escorts near your location.
iPhone voice control to find prostitutes

iPhone’s Siri voice assistance’s feature for finding an escort is an ‘Easter egg’ in the software. ‘Easter Eggs’ are hidden features built into videogames, DVDs and video games. This built in feature of iPhone voice control brings up contacts for nearby prostitutes using its GPS system. To use Siri voice assistance for this purpose, you need to say ‘I am horny’ or ‘Do I make you horny?’ to the handset.
But if you say that you need heroine, marijuana or weeds, the handset displays the contact numbers of nearby rehab centres instead.
You can only use this feature of iPhone voice control if you are living in USA. But if a person outside America tries to useSiri voice control, it brings up a message saying “phone can only find businesses in USA.
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