Google celebrates Art Clokey’s 90th birthday

Google celebrates Art Clokey’s 90th birthdayZeenews Bureau
New Delhi: Google is back with yet another interesting doodle. The popular search engine is celebrating the 90th birthday of Arthur `Art` Clokey today.
Clokey was the first artist to popularize stop motion and clay animation. He made a film titled ‘Gumbasia’ in the year 1955 as an experiment and got great support from his professor.

The master artist along with his wife Ruth, created `Gumby`. The iconic character and his horse Pokey were a huge hit on television and appeared with `Howdy Doody Show` and `The Adventures of Gumby`.

Hollywood actor Eddie Murphy got so inspired by the character that he parodied Gumby in the 1980s on `Saturday Night Live`. And in the 1990s more and more number of people started following the character with the release of `Gumby: The Movie. `

Clokey also produced `Davey and Goliath`. And to celebrate Clokey, Google has paid its tribute in its own doodle way!
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