Facebook Says 600,000 Accounts Compromised Per Day

In a blog entry on Thursday, Facebook stated that about 600,000 log-ins every day are compromised.
The factoid, first noted by security site Sophos, was in the context of an entry introducing new security features for the social network. The figure was extrapolated by a stat showing 0.06% of 1 billion logins per day are compromised. Less than 0.5% of Facebook users experience spam on any given day.
Facebook’s proposed solution for such breaches is to find three to five “trusted friends”. That way, if you’re locked out of your account, Facebook will send codes to your friends to give to you. Facebook is also testing app passwords that the company will generate on your behalf and you won’t need to remember.
What do you think? Are you surprised at the extent of the breaches or does this seem low to you? Let us know in the comments.
Privacy Controls: Profile Editing
You can edit the visibility of individual parts of your profiles right from the profile editing page. In the past, this had to be done from the Privacy Settings page.

Tag Approvals
Facebook has implemented tag approvals. You now need to approve location or photo tags before they appear on your Facebook profile. This feature can be turned off.

Photo Tag Approvals
You can accept or reject photo tags right from the photo page.

View Profile As
The "View Profile As" feature, which lets you see your Facebook Profile page as one of your friends, is now prominently placed on your profile page.

Greater Control of Status Updates
Facebook has made it easier to understand who sees your published content. Icons indicate whether a status update will be public, appear only to friends or has been customized for a friend group or list.

Adding Locations to Status Updates
Places has been integrated into Facebook's Publisher Bar. The result is that location is more prominent in Facebook. The mobile apps will now have a "Nearby" icon that replaces the old "Places" icon.

More Control Over Photo Privacy
When untagging yourself from a photo, you will also be given the option to request the photo be taken down or block that person entirely.

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