7 Creative Tributes to Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs Made from Old Macbook Pro
Mint Foundry put together this portrait of Jobs by tearing apart and laying out an old Macbook Pro.

Jobs Portrait Made of Apple Products
This one may have been inevitable, but visual design Charis Tsevis has created these portraits (also one in black) only using Jobs's own products.

Post-It Steve Jobs
Jobs fans in Munich created a giant, paper tribute at this German Apple store.

Steve Is Watching
The really cool thing about the stark black-and-white photograph of Jobs on the cover of Walter Isaacson's biography? It makes for some great photobombing. That much is clear from the Tumblr blog Watched By Steve, which uses the iconic image as a kind of Where's Waldo tribute.

Steve Jobs iPhone 4S
Want to think of Jobs every time you look at your phone? These rear panels from Kogadget feature Jobs's birth and death years.

Steve Jobs Minecraft Skins
Fans of cult videogame Minecraft can now plough through their digital domains dressed as Jobs. Good luck trying to create a first generation iPod by combining elements.

Steve Jobs in Apples
It's a portrait of Steve Jobs, made out of actual apples.

Many mourned the death of Steve Jobs, the often-controversial, often-brilliant mind behind Apple. Amidst the sadness came a flood of tributes with mini-shrines and a company-wide memorial ceremony.
Those tributes have only become more and more elaborate. How best to remember Jobs than with a little bit of creativity? Check out the gallery above for seven clever samples.
What other tributes to Jobs have you seen? Let us know in the comments.
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