New Method For Measuring The Universe Using Quasars Discovered

How big is universe ? Several methods have been tried, each with a figure that’s new. Astronomers have been trying for long to determine how vast is our universe ? This is crucial as the expansion or contraction of universe is linked to many events that take place in it.
Meanwhile, astronomers in Copenhagen, Neil Bohr Institute have found a new way of measuring the distance using quasars which would let us go even more farther. Quasars are powered by the huge black holes at the hearts of galaxies, and are bright enough to outshine any other star in the universe. Using them to measure distance has been pursued for four decades with success finally coming the way of Dr. Darach Watson and his team.
Quasars are better way of measuring distance compared to previous method using supernova as they are quite bright and at a greater distance than supernova, which is currently in our reach. The findings will help scientists explain dark energy much more comprehensively and clearly.
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