Down By the Sea: 25 Brilliant iPhone Photos From the Beach

As we say a sad goodbye to the summer of 2011 and welcome the fall, we thought it would be a good time to look back on the sunny season with a collection of iPhonephotographs.
More specifically, beach pics galore. We’ve assembled a gallery of 25 fabulous photos snapped at the seashore by some of our favorite iPhotographers — and by some fresh new faces too. In addition to iPhone photos, we’ve also included a handful of pics processed with iPhone apps — a growing trend.
Take a look through the photo gallery below for our best-of beach imagery. To celebrate fall we’re looking foryour autumnal iPhone photos for our next compilation. Submit your images for consideration in the comments section below.
1. Not Your Typical Sicilian Beach by Lindsey Thoeng
Taken on Brighton Beach in Brooklyn, New York, this strikingly framed Lo-Mob shot has been enhanced with a touch of tilt shift.

2. Never Never Land by Jaime Ferreyros
"The idea also was to capture the joy any beach brings out in people, especially the young ones," says Jaime Ferreyros of his arresting photo. "Nothing beats a life at the beach."

3. Beach by Myrthe Mosterman
This moody Instagram photo offers a monotone view of the island of Texel shore of the Dutch Wadden Sea.

4. Clouds by Jim Darling
This dreamy photo was shot in Corolla, North Carolina, otherwise known as "The Outer Banks."
"The poles in the sand mark the end of Route 12 at the north end of the Outer Banks; as well as acting as a barrier to keep the wild horses on the other side," explains Jim Darling. "Beyond this point, it's '4-wheel drive access only'."

5. Burns Beach by Mark Finley
Burns Beach at Perth in Western Australia provides a perfect setting for this stunning sunset.

6. Weymouth Beach by Scott Salter
The photographer captured the soft colors of a Dorset beach as the deckchairs wait patiently for the rain to stop.

7. Florida Keys by Mark Ferrer
The TiltShift Generator app adds some miniature fun to this timeless beach-scape.

8. "Come What May, I Will Love You as There Is the Light of Day" by Sion Fullana
A young Spanish couple are oblivious to the photographer's eye in this great candid photo.

9. Beach by Ida Söderfjord
Lovely lines make a long pier look very inviting at Malmö, in southern Sweden.

10. Instagram Ocean by Kim Holloway
This great capture of a white horse wave at Fort Lauderdale beach is refreshing on the eye.

11. Steppin' Out by Daniel Berman
You can almost sense the swimmer's reluctance to leave the water. Taken on Key Biscayne island in Florida, the PictureShow, Camera+ and Noir apps assist in creating the final image.

12. Instagram Beach by Tatiana Nasser
Taken with a Nikon and processed using Instagram on an iPhone, this photo is representative of a trend we're seeing: people app-up their "standard" photography. The result is great!

13. Wade in the Water by Jenny Markley
Captured this June at the beach in Cape May, New Jersey, Jenny Markley used the CrossProcess app to achieve the beautiful colors. The amazing composition is her own.

14. Sunset at Hayama Beach, Japan by Lance Shields
We're in Japan for this next pic -- at Hayama Beach, about an hour south of Tokyo.
"I chose this rough-edged film to give the sunset a raw, physical look," explains Lance Shields. "The Hipstamatic app over-saturated what was already a very intense late colorful sunset. I was surprised by the colors and gravity of the light."

15. One Last Seagull Before We Go... by Andy Royston
This is an image from the @FtLauderdaleSun iPhotography project. Andy Royston snaps a photo at sunrise every morning, then processes and uploads it to Twitter from the beach. There's a ton of great shots to enjoy, but these seagulls lit by a sun flare caught our eye.

16. Instagram Beach Sarasota, Florida by Lynn-Anne Bruns
This lovely shot looks like a still from a happy childhood.

17. Newport Beach Palms by Corey Miller
This wonderful crop snapped in Newport Beach, CA boasts crazy saturated colors thanks to Hipstamatic's John S lens and Kodot XGrizzled film.

18. Summer Vacation by Jennifer Ford
Don't you just want to follow Jennifer Ford's daughter into the inviting water? The colors and textures are superb.

19. Robert Moses Beach by Antonio Carusone
Taken with the iPhone's default camera, this image's beautiful, muted tones were edited afterward in Photoshop.

20. Catch the Sun by Stephanie Chappe
There's a little bit of magic captured in this image. It was taken at York Beach in Maine and edited using several apps, including Photo fx and LensLight.

21. A Walk on the Beach by Kai
The TiltShift Generator iPhone app adds great effects to this DSLR shot. You can almost hear the waves crashing on this beautiful Spanish beach.

22. Balboa Pier by Dirk Dallas
"I loved all the X's the wood beams made in this in this shot," says Dirk Dallas. "And the detail in the beams added such a wonderful texture to this picture."

23. Otherworld by Colin Vincent
Colin Vincent demonstrates why the early bird gets the worm -- this was taken at dawn on the west shore of Maui at a surf break called Thousand Peaks.

24. Monterey, CA by Ted Anthony
"This was taken in May in Monterey, California, a few yards away from the Pacific Ocean. It was a hotel's boardwalk desk, late in the afternoon, and I loved the textures of the chairs against the wood below, and the shadows cast by the angle of the sun completed the composition," says Ted Anthony.
"It implies the water without actually showing it, and the clean, hard lines are a contrast to the undulating waves you're thinking about that are just a few more feet west."

25. Brothers at the Beach by Michael Barbato
Finally, a moment captured at Fort Myers Beach, Florida was later run through Instagram's Sutro filter and tilt-shifted slightly, creating an image that looks like a memory.

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