Basic Operating Rules Of Digital Cameras.

A camera – is a device with high accuracy, which combines elements of digital electronics, precision mechanics and complex optics.
If you use it properly, comply with the manual instruction that came with your camera and protect it from mechanical damage and contamination, it can work for many years without repair.
You should keep the camera in a hard cover, which protects it from both dust and dirt, and from mechanical impact.
When sharp bumps, dips or other mechanical forces some of the components and parts in the camera may be damaged – in the first place, the lens and the display (LCD).
Dust and sand, which penetrate into the camera, cause premature wear of the rubbing surfaces of the lens zoom mechanism. Tiny grains of sand, falling on the gear teeth of shutter and aperture, focus and zoom motors, often lead to jamming of the lens, and often incapacitate the photo camera.
The camera cannot be stored in a damp location, as the moisture causes corrosion of metal parts, printed circuit and electronic components, resulting in damage of optics and antireflection coating of optical lenses.
We do not recommend using the camera in a bad weather. If drops of water accidentally hit the camera, you should erase them immediately after photography.
Don’t expose the device sharp fluctuations of temperature. In winter, when the camera is brought from the street into a warm room, moisture is condensed on the surface. Therefore, you should not open the pouch and remove the camera as long as it does not warm up to room temperature.
When the camera fell into the water, especially in the marine, you should immediately remove the batteries and dry. After that you have to go to a specialized camera repair shop for cleaning circuit boards and other nodes of the camera with special solutions to prevent further corrosion.
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