20 Best Applications on Android Market

Android operating system is not as great as iOS, but now on Android Market, it is very easy to get lost in a huge number of applications for all occasions. To make life easier for android users, as well as to determine the leading applications for Android, ZDnet has published the list of twenty most popular and useful applications on Android Market for 2011.  
Please note that the rate of development of software for Android is so great that within a month this rating may have dramatically different form so strictly judge the authors do not.
Google Voice users can gain access to phone calls, voice mail and text messages. At the same outgoing calls are made from a number of account Google Voice, a real mobile phone number remains hidden.
Cornerstone of successful and continuous operation multitasking operating system (no way, no doubt, is the Android) is to effectively manage all the processes that they work together is not harmed speed indicators, and not spent in vain battery. Optimize all running on Android-smartphone processes help Advanced Task Killer (or simply ATK). The program is a widget, the most convenient for the selection and completion of any unused applications.
3. Dropbox
Wonderful cloud service Dropbox will sync between multiple devices on multiple platforms (Windows, Mac or Linux). Especially Dropbox may be useful to synchronize data between Android-smartphone and a PC, because the client application can interact with other programs such as Documents To Go, to open different file types. Such an approach would greatly simplify the viewing of various data on the screen of your smartphone.
What can I say, the best notebook for today, perhaps, not be found. The principle of operation and client service as a whole is similar to Dropbox – data is stored locally, and then synchronized with all user devices.
5. Taskos
One of the prettiest “organizer” under Android. Taskos has a simple and yet functional interface as well as the presence of a few good additions. One of them – voice recognition, although it does not always work correctly.
For some reason, for many of Google has not acquired the official mobile client for the service Google Analytics, and among the alternative solutions were the most functional and application DroidAnalytics mAnalytics.
Free client version Documents To Go offers tools for viewing Microsoft Word documents and Excel, and paying 15 U.S. dollars for the full version please support viewing presentations, PowerPoint. If the necessary editing functions, then why not look at the QuickOffice
If you are using Google Docs for your work, then use mobile version of Google Docs. The service is implemented sensibly enough, however, need to open the documents through a web browser does not have to taste everything.
9. TripIt
Fans will appreciate the longer trips organizer for the traveler. The program is ideal for a detailed itinerary of the upcoming trip and can give the user a wide range of information on flight schedules, information about hotels, places of entertainment events, etc.
10. Places
A wonderful application to search for shops and other entertainment facilities near the actual location of the user. Here you can find almost everything, and information for business people will be pulled up from Google Local. It should be noted, and integration with Google Maps.
Low-level access to the file system is always welcomed by fans of Android, and make it convenient for navigation help file manager Astro.
It is often useful to measure the bandwidth communications (3G/4G or Wi-Fi) network or the Internet and one of the best packages for these purposes can be considered a utility from the makers of Speedtest.net, differing measurement accuracy and a nice graphical display of results.
Even someone who is not a fan of the device for reading electronic books from Amazon, will appreciate the convenience of a mobile application Kindle, but after reading books on the smartphone screen with an increase in the diagonals is becoming increasingly popular, in fact, this “electronic book” is always at your own risk.
14. Google +
The mobile application to access the new social network Google + appeared simultaneously with the service itself, so for now there is practically no alternative to it.
15. TED Air
The application is designed for viewing video TED, participants will become the most famous people in the world.
Fun application for visual search ahead of his time. You upload photos of a place and the service is trying to correlate it with the database and report the location. However, it’s functionality is not limited. For example, you can take pictures of text in a foreign language and get it translated, and while traveling abroad Goggles will help to read the street names, signs and other signs.
Photoshop – world’s most popular image editor, and its mobile version does not harm the reputation of the “elder brother”. In this case, unlike the version for desktop, mobile client is different, primarily for its simplicity.
18. Audible
For those who prefer their books the usual audio options will become an indispensable application Audible. The functions of the program is synchronizing your audio library with a cloud and playing the self-contained player that is optimized for work with audio books (there is a button to rewind 30 seconds back, and the ability to take notes).
19. Shazam
Wonderful service Shazam has a lot of data on various musical artists and their songs. Provide a 15 second piece of writing, and with a probability of about 80 percent of the service will report the name of the song, its artist and other related information.
Business people having an account in Google Finance, did not get along without this application can monitor the securities market and receive the latest stock news to update in real time.
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