10 Classy Covers for Your iPad [PICS]

Give your iPad a bold splash of color with the "ColorCoat" matte cover.
Cost: $21

Denim never goes out of style. Now your iPad can enjoy the same jazzy jean finish.
Cost: $34.99

This affordable hard cover will protect the back of your 'Pad.
Cost: $9.99

Zagg offers a range of leather skins. We like the alligator effect on this one.
Cost: $39.99

iCarbons covers your iPad with trendy wood.
Cost: $24.95

Brushed anthracite will set your iPad apart from the crowd.
Cost: $15.95

Choose from football, basketball, soccer or baseball with Zagg's fun sportLEATHER covers.
Cost: $39.99

This high-end option combines carbon fiber protection with industrial looks.
Cost: $94.99

You can't go wrong with classic black leather.
Cost: $16.95

Finally, if you like your iPad just the way it is, this "nude" cover offers protection without the distracting decoration.
Cost: $29.99
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