Google Launched the Commercial Operation of Google Wallet

Google announced a new mobile payment service named Google Wallet few months before. Through the Google Wallet users can pay for goods and services through their mobile phones. The new payment gateway uses wireless and NFC technology.
Until now the Google Wallet service is running in test mode, but now Google has launched the commercial operations of its new mobile payment service for allNexus S 4G Android smartphone owners who get  through North American mobile operator Sprint.
User just have to download the Google Wallet Application and run it on their smartphone. The Google Wallet application can also be downloaded over the air (OTA).
Google Nexus S 4G owners will able to pay for the purchases through Google Wallet Application. Users first have to register with the Google Wallet by entering their credit cards information. In the first phase the Google Wallet service supports Citi MasterCard and virtual – Google Prepaid Card, which can be replenished almost any credit card. Google will add a bonus to the user account has a $ 10, when using the latter.
Google notes that such well-known payment systems like Visa, Discover and American Express have already expressed their desire to support their own cardNFC technology. It is also expected that after the release of final version ofGoogle Wallet, all the payment systems will be added to the list of supported platforms.
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